Here's how to keep colored hair longer

To revive the pigments and keep the color of your colored hair longer, there is a three-step treatment that can enhance your mane. This method prevents lightening of your dye, a normal phenomenon as you wash.

Sometimes the chemical coloring can fade after several shampoos and lighten. Thanks to three-step hair care products, you will protect your color in addition to reviving it.

How to keep the color of colored hair longer?

To cover gray hair or change your look, you can resort to permanent coloring, preferably vegetable. However, sometimes your color fades as you wash your hair. It is possible to revive the latter with a series of effective hair care.

1- Shampoo is one of the essential cosmetics to revive hair color

To have healthy hair, it is recommended to choose a suitable washing treatment. It is advisable to opt for a specific shampoo for colored hair which must not contain sulfates, parabens or silicones which weigh down the hair fiber, attack the hair and cause discoloration.

2- A specific mask for colored hair has an effective moisturizing power

To keep the intensity of your color, you will need to apply a specific mask to colored hair after detangling it. It is this hair product that will allow you to fight against dryness and promote shine and hydration of the material. This nourishing treatment is also effective in making your color last longer and giving it more vitality on a daily basis.

3- A leave-in hair care repairs hair damaged by chemical coloring

A leave-in cream is the third step to follow to have sublime colored hair. This treatment is ideal for styling the dry hair fiber, strengthening the hair and giving it a beautiful shine. It is ideal to choose this product with UV protection that will prevent the color from fading or lightening due to sun exposure.

There are other habits to adopt to revive the color of your hair

To prevent hair colors from losing their pigments, it is important to include certain gestures in your beauty routine. These are particularly effective for dry hair which is more fragile in the face of chemicals.

1- The conditioner is part of the ideal hair care for colored hair

If to protect your hair color, it is recommended to apply a mask before coloring. It is also advisable to apply a conditioner that will detangle the hair, protect the hair fiber and make your mane soft and easy to comb.

2- Space out the washes for an amazing result

To avoid the lightening effect that is caused with repeated washes, it is recommended to use a dry shampoo frequently when you have a new color. And for good reason, the latter acts as a shield for your new mane. Mitch Stone, hairdressing expert, points out that you should not wash your hair 48 hours after coloring. The expert also advises to space out the washes as much as possible.

3- Repeated styling can reduce the color of the coloring product

To take care of a semi-permanent or permanent color, it is important to moisturize its lengths and ends. Beyond these essentials of hair maintenance, it is also important to banish certain gestures that can attenuate your new color. This is the case for repeated hairstyles such as brushing, straightening or even the use of a curling iron. These habits can dull the pigments in your hair and speed up the bleaching process. It is recommended to avoid them for a week after your tincture.

You will understand, whether it is vegetable or chemical coloring, you can keep your color for a long time thanks to these essential hair products. Your hair will be as shiny as when leaving the hair salon!

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