We got an exclusive preview into @instagram’s new magazine “THE ZINE” with @loriharvey!

The Zine, is a compilation of what’s up next in beauty & style that you’re sure to see soon on your feed. Each season, The Zine uncovers the emerging and niche forms of self-expression, visual aesthetics, and more inspired by young people who are sparking conversations around authenticity and identity.

About her look, Lori says “My favourite era, I feel like will always be the 90s. Like, across the board. I think that was just such alike timeless, effortless era. And you said what trend am I looking forward to? I’ve actually been really into the platform coming back. I’ve been really enjoying seeing them reinventing that. I’ve been really into it so I think I would say the platform.”

The Team:
Photographer: @coughs
Nail Artist: @sojinails
Hair: @joeygeorge
Makeup/Beauty Director: @leo.chaparro
Stylist: @chrishoran20
Creative + Production: @sun.ny.sideup

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