For years, Andrew Fitzsimons has been the go-to hairstylist for Kardashian-Jenner crew, adding beachy-but-polished Cali-style waves to their rich brunette (or, if you’re Khloé, golden blonde) strands, or slicking them up into a sleek and smooth ponytail with a strong, sweeping bang and flipped-up ends.  

Now, the beloved stylist is making his next big move, launching a namesake brand that includes 23 products under five collections: Virgin Repair for damaged hair, Fantasy Curls for textures 3A-4C, Body Volume for thin and fine hair, Prism Shine to get the coveted glass hair look, and Styling, which covers an array of styling needs. 

Every item in the range, which launched in mid-April, is available at Ulta Beauty in the U.S. and Boots in the United Kingdom. Everything is priced at an affordable $14 — easy to remember. Hard to forget? The products themselves, as I and another Allure editor found out once we tried a few of them.

The range is extensive, so I chose to take the Fantasy Curls Collection for a spin. The selection, includes six products, five of which I used for this story. The Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner both contain jojoba oil and castor oil to lend moisture to your strands. Castor oil, though it has been touted by DIY divas online for its hair growth capabilities, may not necessarily make your hair fuller, but it is a wonderful source of moisture. 

“It can work to nourish the hair, leaving it feeling and looking stronger and healthier,” Chicago-based cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski previously told Allure. “Since it may have other benefits for the hair and scalp, it [may] promote a healthy environment for hair regrowth.”

I stuck to my regular routine: shampoo, then conditioner, a mask, leave-in, then styler. The marker of a good curl shampoo, at least for me, is if it makes my hair look curlier after the first rinse — and this one delivered on that front. My hair, especially the front part, typically ignores the memo that it should curl and not be a sad-looking, frizzy set of waves. After using this, my strands were making full spirals. Off to a good start. 

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