Mariah Carey seems to be enjoying life peacefully on a beach with her boyfriend and two children, according to the Instagram post she shared on March 29. The Aries singer’s birthday was two days prior, so we’re sure that the family was celebrating her. She shared three photos of the four near a bonfire with her millions of fans who rushed to the comments to say how beautiful the family looked. In addition to their cuteness, we were admiring the beautiful curls on Carey and her twins. 

Every so often, Carey will take a picture showing off her natural hair texture, so this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it. In the first photo, Carey is smiling with her hands in her long curls that are being blown by the wind — how does someone look this good with the wind in their face? The second picture, which features the singer and her beau embracing, gives us a better look at her ombré hair, which is dark brown at the roots and honey blonde toward the ends. 

In the last photo of the slideshow, 10-year-old twins, Monroe and Morrocan, make their appearance. Carey holds them, with her hands on their heads, slightly covering their curls, while they all smile for the camera. Morrocan, on the left, has voluminous ringlets that reach his shoulders. His sister’s hair is longer, with a looser texture. The trio looks extremely cute with their matching curly hair.

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