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39 thoughts on “Messy Choppy Bob Haircut Tutorial 2022

  1. Done Beautifully! When are you opening your open your own privately funded hair school? You have a very professional clear voice and great at teaching. Ugh needed you in the early and mid 2000s

  2. Wonderful and so much lovely style, plus your techniques and simple but cool method is what I love, Paul Mitchell great color I will try it as well , thanks Matt,always 👍😃!!!

  3. Enjoyed this greatly! Especially the tips and graphics. Graphics are great because words alone can be misunderstood. Plus it is fun! My favorite takeaway is why you cut with the scissors' point going in the direction you are cutting, because there is a slight push. I think we understand that intuitively, but this confirms it and makes it a solid choice for any cut. Thanks!

  4. Per usual, I love it. I’ve followed you for years, even before I went to PM cos school. This is a great cut, I do SO many bobs and yes! I just did a copper/red color on a client the other day. 😆 it’s gorgeous.

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