Lizzo has never been one to shy away from experimental or bold beauty looks — and she delivers consistently. Take for instance the extravagant beehive-esque updo made out of Christmas tree garland and ornaments and stacked on top of her slime-green hair that she wore for the 2021 holiday season. For Valentine’s Day, she decided to go for a pretty-in-pink theme with pastel pink hair that was styled into two hearts on top of her head. Once again, the pop star is experimenting with her hair in a whole new way with slicked-down edges that can best be described as adult hairs.

To debut this hairstyle, Lizzo didn’t go for the regular selfie or a photoshoot. Instead, she posted a few photos with her head completely upside-down and captioned the Instagram post, “what he sees.” On each side of her head, her adult hairs were Slick with a capital S and swept to the side right above her eyebrows. You can only see a peek of the rest of the hairstyle in the photo set, but she shared a second Instagram post featuring a video that gives a much better view. 

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