Balayage: what it is, who is it good for, hair look images 2022

Let’s find out everything about the new hair lightening technique with an ultra natural effect called foilayage!

Thanks to the new foilayage technique, we can achieve the classic sunkissed effect all year round! Here is an innovative hair lightening method ready to set the trend in 2022, with a luminous but extremely natural result. Let’s find out how it’s done, the differences with other similar coloring services and photos of the most beautiful look ideas to be inspired by.


The term “Foilayage” comes from the fusion of two words, “foil” and “balayage” and we will explain why. Foilayage was invented in France and represents the fusion of two very popular lightening techniques: freehand balayage and highlights or highlights, the classic streaks obtained with the use of foils, the foil sheets traditionally used by the hairdresser . However, we are talking about a hair lightening service not confined only to the summer period, but suitable for all seasons. Who is it good for? Foilayage is good for both light (blonde) and dark (brown) hair due to the naturalness of the final result, as we are about to see. It is not suitable for black hair.

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