Why do you have to put mustard on your hair?

Permanent stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution, acidity, poor diet and, therefore, nutritional deficiencies, are among the most common causes of hair loss. Regular dyes and other toxic treatments also promote hair loss. Lack of maintenance is also responsible for fine and brittle hair in the medium to long term.

Of course, the cosmetics industry competes in creativity to regularly offer a wide range of hair care products. From shampoos and masks to oils and serums, there’s plenty to choose from for all hair types. However, these products are not only endowed with beneficial components: they also contain harsh chemicals that cause irreparable damage. It is precisely for this reason that many people opt instead for alternative remedies that will revitalize the hair without weakening it.

Do you regret your long hair after an impulsive cut? Of course, there is no miracle cure, but you can always take advantage of some effective tips to grow your hair quickly. Massaging the scalp, reducing stress, avoiding too tight hairstyles and following a healthy diet are all tips to follow to achieve faster growth.

Are you not satisfied with these shampoos that you keep changing? By the way, have you ever thought of washing your hair with mustard? Surprised by this question? You know, however, that there are countless natural masks, such as the famous honey mask, which have largely proven their worth. This is part of it.

You will also be very surprised by the virtues of mustard on the scalp: as it is a powerful blood stimulant, it will trigger better oxygenation of the hair bulbs, accelerate regrowth and stop hair loss. As a bonus, used wisely, it promotes shine, suppleness and softness. You can also say goodbye to dandruff!

An amazing remedy, to be sure, but simple to use and inexpensive. To try without delay!

How to wash your hair with mustard?

Of course, don’t forget that we are talking about mustard here, this famous very spicy sauce that spice up our dishes. So, it goes without saying, it’s not about spreading it directly on your scalp either. Of course, you run the risk of burning your hair. There are therefore certain precautions to take and instructions to follow closely.

To make this hair care, you must use dry mustard, powdered for example. Pour two teaspoons of mustard into the hot water and mix everything well. The consistency of the mixture should resemble that of a cream.

Then, wet your hair and work the mixture in, gently massaging the roots.

Leave the mask on for a few minutes, then wet your hands and distribute it all over your hair.

If the ends are dry, you should not apply it.

Leave on for a minute, then rinse with water.

What are the effects of mustard on our hair?

If you leave the mask on long enough, it will increase the volume of the hair.

Hair stays fresh for a long time.

They become smoother, softer and shinier.

They stop falling and start growing faster.

If you want to strengthen your hair, stimulate its growth and give it volume, we really recommend that you try this trick. It is undoubtedly unusual and unusual, but washing your hair with mustard really gives incredible results!

What to add to homemade shampoo?

If you want to make shampoo at home, you can add egg yolk instead of water. It is indeed famous for hair care. And this, thanks to all the vitamins it has. Vitamins A and E moisturize and nourish your scalp. Vitamin D accelerates hair growth and helps reduce the problem of hair loss. Vitamin B makes hair stronger and thicker. As for the saturated fatty acids of the egg, they make your hair shine and effectively fight dandruff.

Essential oils also help take care of your hair and scalp. Prefer tea tree, castor or peppermint which help you prevent hair loss.

Lemon, eucalyptus and lemon balm essential oils can be used to combat excess oil in the hair.

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