Hair rollers are perhaps the only beauty product associated with both models backstage at Fashion Week and grannies in bunny slippers and nightgowns. And there are as many different types of hair rollers as there are cool styles to create with them. 

“Rollers are a great option whether you’re trying to get beach waves or more defined coils,” says Anthony Dickey, hairstylist and founder of the Hair Rules salon and brand. The best part? “It’s a safer, healthier alternative to heat styling and works for all hair types.” So whether you want bouncy curls without heat damage or you’re looking to create quick, voluminous curls on long hair, there’s a roller set for your desired hairstyle.

But with such a wide variety of options, it’s hard to know where to start and which hair curlers to use to get the texture you desire. Don’t worry — we got you. We hit up a few hairstylists to find out just how to navigate the wonderful world of curlers, so you don’t get lost in the sauce when you’re at the beauty supply shop, IRL, or online. 

Below, we whipped up the definitive guide to hair rollers — how to use them, how they curl, and where to get the best hair rollers on the market. (Hint: There are so many on Amazon.)

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