As Taurus season winds down, a playful air-centric astrology sign begins to take over. We’re talking about Geminis, one of the most extroverted and curious signs of the zodiac. Thankfully, finding the perfect gift for Gemini friends and relatives is far from a hard task. This star sign will fall in love with just about anything that lets them dive deeper into their current hobbies.

Ahh, Geminis, the zodiac sign that’s so motivated to explore different creative pursuits that it had to cosmically double itself, hence its horoscope symbol as the celestial twins, according to Allure’s resident astrologist Aliza Kelly. Described as neverendingly curious and a social butterfly, Geminis are known to be one of the most extroverted tarot signs, and often get a bad rap for being two-faced — which is actually further from the truth, considering the Gemini constellation is governed by Mercury, the planet that rules communication. So, why not find them a gift that celebrates your Gemini pal’s greatest attributes?

With Gemini season starting on May 21 and lasting through June 20, your fave air sign’s celestial return is just around the corner. If you’re in need of thoughtful gift ideas for your favorite Gemini, say no more. Below, take a look at a few birthday gifts that this particular zodiac sign is destined in the stars to love.

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