As spring makes its debut, hopeless romantics are thrilled to announce that it’s officially wedding season. Brides have tons of big-day aspects to decide upon — namely, their wedding nails. Yes, brides have plenty of other hefty tasks to complete to ensure their day goes amazing (to assist in the beauty department, we have rounded up a variety of wedding hairstyles for long and short hair and makeup looks). However, we’d like to highlight the manicures right now. The big day calls for beautiful nail designs in elegant shapes to amplify the occasion for the bride-to-be. Fortunately, here, we’ve included styles for the bride, bridesmaid nail ideas, and even designs suitable for guests. << THE WAY THIS IS PHRASED IT SEEMS LIKE THE PIECE WILL BE BROKEN UP INTO SECTIONS WHICH IT IS NOT (AND I DON’T THINK IT NEEDS TO BE) — CAN YOU REPHRASE TO IMPLY THAT ALL THESE NAILS WORK FOR ALL THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE OR WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE?

Those who bear witness to these romantic affairs will appreciate every little lovely detail of the day, dashing manicure included. [As the bride joins hands with their lover for pictures and the classic moment of the bouquet toss, it’ll be all about the nails.] THIS SENTENCE SYNTAX IS OFF — SUGGESTED REWORK: From pre-ceremony photos to the alter to the classic bouquet toss, there will be plenty of moments for the nails to shine. Not to mention all that flaunting of the gorgeous nuptial ring (I mean, let’s be honest, it’s what we look forward to looking at, too.) 

Yes, wedding traditions have made us partial to classic styles such as simple nudes, French manicures, and soft crème colors, but some brides believe in going the non-traditional route. [Nail] cut, redundant with “manicurists” manicurists have since taken this into consideration and have gone above and beyond with creative twists on both fake and natural nails.

To save you a bit of scrolling through #weddingnails on Instagram or Pinterest, we have spoken to a few of our favorite manicurists, who told us how they use their favorite appliqués, how to make pretty abstract designs, and how they place crystals in solid lines so effortlessly. Below, you will find our top 19 designs to make your manicure wedding day ready.

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