The aesthetics of eyebrows evolve through beauty history and — more often than not — soon get recycled back into the mainstream. Whether it be over-plucked, thin brows tied to the early aughts that are on the verge of making a reoccurrence or a fluffier style that’s been popular among Hollywood’s biggest stars, there’s no way to pinpoint exactly what look we’ll be seeing all over our Instagram feeds next. But lately, there has been a noticeable shift toward louder, bolder, and more statement-making beauty and fashion — and that trend is trickling up toward our brows.

Referred to as “dopamine dressing,” nailing the look depends on the most unapologetic form of self-expression and the rejection of any limiting mindsets. From flamboyant camp-like attire to whimsical hairstyles and artistic eye-catching makeup (including eyebrow inspiration), the sky’s the limit. 

Brow experimentation concentrates on revamping eyebrows directly with eyeliner, stickers, gems, and more. Eyebrows are becoming an extension of the eyelid, instead of a bounding facial feature. “Beauty creators are using the face as a blank canvas and finding new surface area for their creativity,” Brooke Ozaydinli, creator marketing manager at Instagram tells Allure. As part of her job, Ozaydinli works to uncover and highlight emerging trends on the social media platform.

We’ve seen the re-emergence of nostalgic Y2K trends takeover, which is a category Ozaydinli notes that eyebrow experimentation falls under. “Within the ’90s nostalgia frenzy, this trend will go hand in hand with overlined lips, frosted eyes, and glossy finishes,” she predicts. “These hyper-thin brows are not new but this iteration is less about tweezing into oblivion but more about temporary and faux shaping techniques.”

We’d be remiss not to credit the viral looks of Euphoria that have aided in normalizing looks such as a bleached brow for everyday wear, but let’s not forget that, as is the case with many beauty looks, the experimental eyebrows trend has roots in the LGBTQ+ community — everyone else is just finally catching on. 

As the trend continues to rise and gain traction, Allure spoke to five creators who shared why playing around with your brows is so fun, and even liberating for some. They also shared a bit about their inspiration behind their looks and the best tips they have so you, too, can be a self-proclaimed brow whiz.

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