When a new season arrives, there is always a desire to change the look. For this year, the hottest season includes special shades. Which will be the most suitable for you? Here are all the trends for summer 2022 hair color.

To begin with, whatever color you choose, the watchword is shiny hair!
It is called the Hair-Gloss effect because the hair must be so shiny that it gives life to the hair by reflecting the light.

But the brightness is never enough and therefore, in addition to the super shiny effect, lighter reflections must be added to the color, almost imperceptible, but which manage to give a volume effect to the hair and illuminate the face.

A bit like the good trick that “is there but you can’t see it”.

The Blondes for the summer of 2022

Aiming for blond according to the new trend means choosing between lighter and “cold” shades. Look for a platinum blonde, vanilla, “summer light” or a very light blonde.

If “too light” does not convince you, you can opt for a creamy blonde that enhances the shine of the hair and exacerbates the volume effect, or you can leave your base color by lightening it with a sandy blonde.

It is also good to switch to blond leaving the dark roots: the contrasting effect will not only make light hair appear brighter, but will also increase the depth of the hair which will be thicker.

Do summer blonde tones suit you? Yes if you have marked features because these shades will soften your face, but lightening your hair will suit you even if you have a rounder face in order to lighten the look. Super recommended.

The only thing to pay attention to are your natural colors: choose the shade of blonde based on your skin and eye color, following a little bit of the advice of the color scheme.

Hair Color Summer 2022: The Brown

There are no half measures this year: either super light or very dark!

If you prefer dark brown you can choose between a chocolate that will give the hair a full-bodied effect, or you can opt for a colder coffee color. Either way, if you want to take the look to the next level, you can mottle the color with light scratches.

Then remember that brown, in itself, is already a color that lends itself to the natural gloss effect. If you want a light brown, choose one that is very light … almost blond.

Will it look good on you? Yes, especially if you have sweet features. If, on the other hand, you have more pronounced features, choose lighter shades of brown. The brown has the advantage of looking good on everyone. Choose shades and shades based on your color tone.

The reds for this summer

Red is on trend in all brighter or earthy shades such as copper red, fire red, fawn, or bright red.

Here, too, remember to play with light effects by adding lighter streaks, leaving the roots dark.

Based on the red you choose and the technique used, you can adapt this color to your face to enhance your beauty. That’s almost everything for this season’s colors, we’ve left the more imaginative options for you to finish!

The most original options for hair color summer 2022

In fact, these trends have been in vogue for some time, but they don’t stop surprising with their originality! Especially when they lend themselves well to the luminous effect that this summer is pure law.

The other colors that will dye the most fashionable hairstyles of the summer are:

White, gray or platinum blonde and in these cases, you can play by choosing between a single color look or leave the tips dark to give movement to the hairstyle.

But if you love bright colors, try bright colors!

Pink, light blue, blue, green… dare with colors also combining them for a multicolored hair.

There is an effect that has recently become very popular: what you get by adding one of these bright colors under your natural color or under a more “standard” color such as blond or brown to break up the monochrome.

Which one would you try?

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