Since the release of the trailer for Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez, we’ve been all over the hairstyles the singer will be wearing in the highly-anticipated romantic comedy. We also can’t forget the nearly foot-long braided ponytail that she wore in a video promoting the movie. Just when we thought that she couldn’t possibly be serving any more larger-than-life hairstyles ahead of the film’s premiere, well, she’s got another one for us: a slicked-back bun covered in jewels. 

Lopez’s jewel-studded bun made its debut in a video that she posted to her Instagram on January 29. The video shows Lopez in a white dress posing alongside her co-star Maluma to promote the release of their song, “Marry Me,” which is set to drop on February 2. Even though the pearls are obviously the stars of the show on Lopez’s head, the rest of J.Lo’s hair is covered in another semi-precious metal that looks like a diamond. The diamonds seem to be connected by a metal chain of sorts and assembled in a fishnet-like pattern. 

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