Whatever Jennifer Lopez does is automatically deemed a trend. And now, she is showing us a new(ish) type of French manicure — dare we call this the Baby French?

Tom Bachik, her go-to nail artist, posted her newest manicure on Instagram on May 10, and Jenny from the Block is definitely giving us simple elegance with these nails. They appear to be her natural nails, seeing as they are medium-length and oval-shaped with a coat or two of a nude polish covering the base. 

At the tips, an extremely fine line of white polish appears to have been painted very carefully to complete the Baby French manicure. This simplistic nail design really gives way for her massive engagement ring from Ben Affleck to shine, so obviously, we are massive fans of it.

To go with the look, J.Lo might have even dyed her hair a bit darker, as of May 9 when she posted a couple of mirror selfies with a brand-new tone. Gone are her signature golden highlights, and instead, she has a medium brunette color running from her middle part, down through her wavy hair. She still has highlights, though, as there are some light, cool hues gracing the ends of her hair, which falls just to her waist.

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