Kaavia James Union Wade is easily one of the cutest celebrity babies. The young toddler has grown from a little crawling baby to a child that can speak a few words right before our eyes. Folks have always been obsessed with her, dubbing her the “shady baby” for her very expressive face. In addition to her cuteness, we also can’t get enough of the bubble pigtails she debuted on February 3 for her collaboration with children’s clothing brand Janie and Jack.

For the campaign’s photo shoot, the little one was dressed in a printed two-piece from her collection with her hair styled into two bubble braids by hairstylist Wankaya Hinkson. Hinkson shared a video of the style, which you can view here, showing off the curly ponytails from the back. Wade’s hair was parted down the middle and each side was separated and slicked into four sections. For each pigtail, Hinkson added curly extensions to give the bubbles added texture. There are six bubbles on each pigtail, but that’s not all. In the back of Wade’s head, two medium-sized braids criss-cross, creating an X between the two pigtails. Hinkson also slicked Wade’s baby hairs into waves along her hairline. 

This wasn’t the only hairstyle Wade wore for the photo shoot. In a photo set posted on her Instagram, you can see Wade’s in a curly bun on her head. The second photo shows the hairstyle from the side, which is actually a faux hawk. Hinkson divided Wade’s hair into three sections and styled her hair into buns to create the faux hawk. Of course, her edges were swooped and looped to perfection around her forehead. 

Kaavia James Union Wade truly showed off her modeling skills with this photo shoot. Hinkson did a great job styling these bubbled pigtails, and it’s perfect hair inspiration for folks young and old. We’re always here not-so-silently stanning Wade and will be tuned in for whatever she has in store for us next. 

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