Kacey Musgraves never seems to miss a single beauty trend. She added her own twist to the beloved summer 2021 disco eyebrow trend by bedazzling her brows with some rhinestones for her music video, “Starcrossed: The Film.” Musgraves has also proven that she’s even well-ahead of the times when she wore TikTok’s new favorite accessory, hair tinsel, to a New Orleans stage back in 2019. Taking to a concert in Oakland, California, on February 19, the singer is showing us once again that she’s a devout follower of the beauty trends that are on the up and up. 

The day after the concert, February 20, Musgraves took to her Instagram stories to share an all-green look that involved a wash of neon green eye shadow across her lids and some green hair extensions as well. New York City-based hairstylist Giovanni Delgado and makeup artist Moani Lee were behind bringing this verdant look to life. 

Musgraves’ color of choice for this look is undoubtedly one of the biggest beauty trends of the year so far. And it’s clearly not just limited to makeup — it makes for a great hair color and shade of nail polish, as well. Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes previously told Allure that green’s emergence as beauty’s it color can be credited to fashion brands like Bottega Veneta. “They’ve made this kelly green color extremely trendy in fashion,” she said. Hughes also points to ’80s and ’90s beauty trends, which had an emphasis on bright colors. 

We love to see Musgraves pulling off beauty’s biggest color all within one look. Since she’s proven that she’s privy to following the trends, what’s next — a statement eye look à la Euphoria? We’ll be watching, Kacey. 

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