As of late, our favorite celebrities have been listening, and listening well, to what has seemingly been encouragement from the hair gods. A great number of celebrity hairstyles have left us salivating — like Megan The Stallion’s tasty-looking cotton candy hair and Lizzo’s crimped, purple hair that cleverly matched her bikini. Talk about yummy. 

If you’re anything like us, hairstyles like that — ones that make such bold statements — are the way to your beauty-loving heart. And we’ll have you know that Lily Collins is the latest celebrity to make a huge moment worthy of praise with her latest look. For our viewing pleasure on our Instagram timelines on May 4, Collins served up a voluminous hairstyle done by hairstylist DJ Quintero.

We were fortunate to receive an exclusive dish of Collins’s favorite hair products, and clearly, good things have resulted from them. In his Instagram caption, Quintero let a few things be known about how Collins turned the volume all the way up, including the Living Proof products used to accomplish the look [Collins is a spokesperson for the brand]. 

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