There is rarely a time you’ll spot Saweetie without long, freshly manicured tips. Her nails are always as exciting as the technicolor wigs she oftentimes wears. As the dutiful beauty editors we are, we always keep an eye out for the next color combo or 3D decals she tries. It’s basically our sworn duty to make sure you catch her flashy nails, too, including her latest set that combines two manicures into one.

These nails haven’t made their official debut on the Instagram grid, but the “My Type” rapper showed off the two-toned manicure on her stories on May 23. In the short selfie video, you can see her bedazzled nails in two blue hues. Manicurist Temeka Jackson, who sculpts the rapper’s nails regularly, painted one hand with a piercing cobalt blue polish that matches the hue of Finding Nemo‘s Dory. She adhered two large gems in a similar blue color on each nail for a monochromatic look. On the other hand, Jackson chose a lighter sky blue color that reminds us of sweet cotton candy. She also adorned each nail with two large, holographic gems that fit with the color palette.

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