Whether you like it or not, claw clips are back. The hair accessories trend was big in the ’90s and now it’s returned and the styles and designs are better than ever. Why would one want to wear a claw clip, you wonder? Well, for starters, it’s an effortless way to jazz up your updo and look by throwing in a cute and fun accessory. But it’s also extremely functional. You can use claw clips to section out your hair when styling or just to keep hair out of your face. They also benefit your overall hair care since you will avoid those dreaded creases you can get with hair ties, elastics, and scrunchies.

There are so many claw clips on the market. You have your jumbo and big hair claw clips, jaw clips, barrettes, $4 picks you can snag at the drugstore (hello, Scünci and Goody) and you have pricer $25 picks (talking about you Insert Name Here) for when you’re feeling a little fancy. Either way, these accessories are adorable and can really help elevate both your outfit and your makeup look. There are styles (matte finishes and rhinestones) and sizes for all hair types: thick hair, fine hair, and everything in between. We hope the trend of adding claw hair clips to your hairstyle sticks around for a while, if not forever. 

If you’re into adding claw clip hair accessories to your look, we’re here to help you narrow down your shopping experience. Below we listed our 11 favorite claw clips at the moment and to be honest, we’re pretty confident you’re gonna love these fun hair accessories too. Happy shopping.

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