Vanessa Hudgens‘s liquid bob hairstyle at the 2022 SAG Awards was easily one of our favorite looks of the night. The next-level shine, the immaculately straight, ultra-blunt shape, the smart ear-tuck… It may have been simple, but the execution was something else, and we’re book-marking it for our next salon visit.

But… want to know a secret? It was totally faux. We wondered whether Hudgens opted for a chop because the last clear shot of her hair on Instagram from six days prior shows the actress with a glam, curly lob. However, this latest style shows the cut sliced above her shoulders.

Luckily, her hairstylist, Danielle Priano, documented the whole process and showed a sneaky trade secret along the way. She started by sectioning the shorter top section of Hudgens’s hair up and into a bun. Then, Priano braided the longer sections at the bottom into plaits that could be discretely tucked and fastened out the way.



Next, Danielle clipped hair extensions from Glam Seamless over the top before hiding the seam with Hudgens’s natural hair on top. Everything was combed neatly together to blend the extensions with Hudgens’s real hair, and Priano straightened everything into a silky-straight bob.

To give the look the trademark liquid shine that’s set to be stratospheric for 2022, she spritzed the Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Shine & Anti Frizz Spray through Hudgens’s hair to leave it looking extra glossy before setting everything in place with the Sexy Hair hairspray.

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