Throughout her press tour to promote her latest film, The Batman, Zoë Kravitz has been serving some incredible hairstyles. At the tour’s first stop in London on February 23, Kravitz wore a micro fringe. Fast forward six days later to the film’s March 1 New York City premiere, and the actor was seen wearing a completely different hairstyle that seems to pay homage to 1920s dancer Josephine Baker. The swirl that sits in the center of Kravitz’s forehead bears an uncanny resemblance to the swirl of hair on Baker’s head, which she was known for those many years ago. 

Once again, hairstylist Nikki Nelms and makeup artist Nina Park were the dynamic hair and makeup duo that was behind Kravitz’s red carpet look. Nelms posted a few photos of Kravitz’s red carpet appearance, but she didn’t reveal if the actor’s hair was an intentional nod to the 1920s.

Similar to Kravitz’s look in London, Park kept things simple with the makeup, and subtle winged eyeliner made a reappearance. Nelms also kept the teeny tiny bun in the back that the actor wore to the London premiere. 

The only thing that’s really changed across the pond was the hair in the front, and we still stand firm on the fact that Nelms sought inspiration from Josephine Baker. But otherwise, Zoë Kravitz is showing us once more how to rock a simple hairstyle with a minimalist makeup beat. 

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Now that we’ve feasted our eyes on all of Kravitz’s press tour looks, there’s only one obvious thing left to do, and that is to watch The Batman, which is expected to hit theaters on Friday, March 4.  

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