In November 2021, singer Ariana Grande added a new title — makeup brand founder — to her resume with the launch of her company r.e.m. Beauty. When she first teased the launch on her Instagram grid, she used a promo image that pictured her without her usual high ponytail. Instead, the singer sported a bouncy blowout, flourished with curls cascading down her back.

We’re now up to the third drop for Grande’s brand, and in the visuals for that, the singer appears to have again strayed a bit from her signature pony. In a teaser image for the drop Grande shared to Instagram on June 16, her hair is styled into a half-up, half-down look with long curtain bangs

The Allure October 2021 cover star is seen in a taupe strappy gown and matching gloves. Her stylist pulled back a section of her rich brunette mane into a pony with a slight pouf at the base to add volume. Longer tendrils of hair frame either side of her face, blending in seamlessly with her curtain bangs, which are parted just off-center. Her fringe is kept relatively long, which is characteristic of the style — they fall just above her eyes in the middle and get longer at the sides, blending in with the rest of the length. 

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