On June 27, the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show was live-streamed above the flood of people walking through the heart of Times Square in New York City. And if you were anywhere near the digital billboard on which the stream was broadcast, you may have caught Bella Hadid looking as fierce as possible thanks to a bold new hair style. 

To debut his latest collection, Jacobs chose the New York Public Library as the in-person destination for those invited to the show, where Hadid took to the runway in one of her most daring looks to date. Hadid’s typically polished brows were nowhere in sight, leading us to believe they were glued down and masked with makeup before the show. (Hey, if she did take the plunge and shave her brows for real, we’d be here for it.) Black eye shadow was also applied all over the lids and winged outwards towards where the tails of her brows used to be. Her hair look was even bolder: Most likely concealed with a bald cap, Hadid’s real hair was hidden underneath a rounded bowl cut-bumper bang hybrid hairpiece. 

The fashion designer’s show notes read: “Creativity is essential to living.” This statement came to life through the work of makeup artists Noël Jacoboni and Diane Kendal and hairstylist Duffy. The team was able to pull together each and every one of the featured models’ runway beauty looks in less than a week, Jacoboni revealed on Instagram.

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