Blue Ivy Carter sat courtside with proud dad, Jay-Z, during game five of the 2022 NBA finals on June 13. As Jay-Z prepared to salute the arena, Carter, in the most subtle and Bey-esque way, let him know exactly what not to do when sitting next to a 10-year-old Grammy Award winner with bouncy, volume-packed curls. The energy of the stadium seemed nothing less than invigorating, yet Carter was clearly unbothered by the crowd when letting her dad know that her hair was of utmost importance. 

The Capricorn tween wore white and black Nike sneakers, dainty silver hoops, and a sheer glossy lip. Her natural hair, perfectly swirled in a silhouette of curls, had layers of dimension, and a barely-there fringe falling in front of her face. In a clip of the game posted to the NBA’s Instagram account, Jay (in major dad mode, of course) threw up the peace sign and wrapped his arm around hers. Carter shied away, full of embarrassment as her mouth forms the inaudible words, “Dad, my hair!”  

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