Butterfly beauty is one of the prettiest takes on Y2K trends — see: butterfly shadow, clips, and eyeliner. So it makes sense that this decidedly ’90s look would make its way down to our nails. And according to Pinterest data, searches for the look are up by a whopping 356 percent just in time for summer.

“With the rise of Y2K trends, butterflies seem to be the latest craze,” says Nick Drewe, a trend expert and founder of the coupon website WeThrift. He suggests that once the seasons change,
we look to the colors and life around us to inform our beauty choices. Drewe mentions that vibrant blues and sunset yellows — the type of color that’s all around us during summer — resembles our little winged friends. Hence, butterfly nail inspiration galore. 

Drew adds that the style is pretty versatile. “You can wear butterfly nails in multiple ways, whether you want a subtle nail art butterfly or a statement butterfly charm or sticker,” he says. Yep, what
could be better than butterflies and glitter finished with a mirrored glaze? 

Fashioned with gemstones, speckled in sparkles, or simply kept plain, this nail trend is as customizable as you want it to be. The flashy style has already been seen on stars like Dua Lipa and Demi Lovato. Ready to book your own set? We found some of the best examples, below.

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