Cardi B is known for her music, first and foremost, but she’s also become renowned for her incredible (and ever-changing) manicures — as well as what she can do with them. Just last month, she blessed us with a tutorial on changing diapers with super-long nails, and this weekend, she’s blending up homemade frozen margaritas and using them as props for her latest nail art: a swirly blue abstract manicure.

Instagram / @iamcardib

In a video posted to the singer’s Instagram stories, fans are given Cardi’s POV while she holds what she describes as a “homemade frozen margarita” as she turns it from side to side. This allows us to not only admire the frosty beverage and the fruit on the rim, but her dagger-shaped nails, as well (we also get a peek at her hand tattoo). Sharpened to a dramatic point, this looping, abstract stiletto manicure is just begging to be taken to the beach (does make anyone else think of waves, or is it just me?). At least three different shades of blue can be spotted, highlighted with a bright neon green.

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