When it comes to famous blondes, Charlize Theron is up there with the greats. Whether in films like Bombshell, or those Dior adverts that see her swathed in gold from top to toe, she has long been associated with the shade. But proving she can do it all in the color department, Theron just stepped out at a party in California — in aid of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project — with new, almost black hair. 

Darker hair for summer, we hear you say? Most people go lighter in the warmer months, but if anyone could persuade you to do the opposite, it’s Theron, whose choppy, shoulder-grazing cut was transformed thanks to the new deep chocolate shade. Previously a bright blonde, the new color enhanced Theron’s glassy green eyes and fair skin. 

Though Theron rarely changes her hair color, she is something of a chameleon in the cut department. Working with hairstylist Adir Abergel, she has experimented with buzz cuts, bowl cuts, choppy bobs, and soft, longer lengths in the past — and all successfully. 

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