Is Ciara about to drop some new music? It sure seems like it. On June 2, 2022, the singer shared a Reel to her Instagram grid of what we’re assuming is a teaser for her next song. In the clip, one of her extremely-toned legs is perched, in optimal twerking position, atop a midnight gray Ford Bronco. Our kinda gal! But while the bouncing booties of Cici and her crew of backup dancers are lovely to see, we also peeped those bouncy, bright blonde curls she was sporting, too.

The noted hair chameleon leveled up once again with this look. Her curls burst from underneath a royal blue Kangol bucket hat, which she paired with spunky tie-dye shorts and a cropped white tank top. For the curls, I’ve got three words: abundance, layers, and length, baby. These platinum spirals have just the right amount of frizz to give that volume without losing definition. They move right along with Ciara as she dances. “It’s time to pull up and make that thang J.U.M.P,” she captioned the image. She’s definitely got us J.U.M.P-ing to add this look to our Pinterest boards. 

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