Demi Lovato has a new tattoo yet again, and we’re starting to sense a theme or two here.

On June 27, Lovato took to Instagram stories to post a clip of their brand new ink. In the video, we see their new piece, a thin-line spiderweb complete with a spider hanging off of it, starting from their shoulder and going all the way down to their bicep.

Lovato tagged longtime tattoo artist Doctor Woo (who happens to be a celebrity-favorite that has worked with other stars like Dakota Johnson, Miley Cyrus, and Brooklyn Beckham) and captioned it “a spider you can see now.” 

Lovato seems to be referencing a previous piece they got earlier this year. In January, the singer debuted another tattoo of a spider on their scalp after shaving their head. Since then, Lovato has grown out their hair, which has covered up the tattoo. 

Regardless of visibility, Lovato now has two spider tattoos, so it seems safe to say that they like spiders and tattoos. In fact, just last month, they revealed two new tattoos on both sides of their collarbones, reading “fear” and “love.” That’s not the only script the star has tatted. They also have lyrics from Beautiful Chorus written on their hand and a “choose love” on their forearm. And like the spiders, Lovato has other graphics including the “Divine Feminine” tattooed on the back of their neck.


But tattoos aren’t the only body modifications Lovato has gotten. In addition to shaving their head to reveal their spider tattoo, the short haircut also showcased an industrial piercing (and given its complexity, we think it’s safe to say that Lovato is a pro when it comes to body mods).

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