Curly hair is often prone to dryness, especially in summer. Discover six valuable tips for taking care of curly hair in the summer

Each season of the year requires special care for the hair in both winter and summer, aimed at protecting it from the climatic conditions to which it is subjected. In particular, summer is a period in which the hair is stressed: not only the heat and the sun’s rays, but also the salt water of the sea, or that with chlorine in swimming pools can ruin them.

For this reason, it is good to prepare a protection plan for skin and hair before the arrival of summer that is specific to the type you have. For curly hair in the summer, for example, a series of simple but extremely useful tips should be adopted to avoid arriving in autumn with dry, frizzy and dehydrated hair.

Here are 6 tips on how to take care of curly hair in the summer.

1 Sun protection

Not only the skin must be carefully protected with creams with screens against harmful sun rays: even the hair must be protected during exposure! There are numerous products on the market, especially in the form of convenient sprays to spray on the hair, which protect them to the root. Before going out on hot sunny days, therefore, use a protection so as not to dry the hair.

2 Proper washing

The temptation to wash your hair daily during the summer is very strong. Especially on vacation, every swim in the sea or pool is followed by a shampoo; but not only that, even in the city because of sweat we tend to wash our hair every day. In the particular case of curly hair, this causes great dryness and dehydration.

For this reason, it is recommended to limit washing to only two or three times on a weekly basis; this, of course, unless you have salt and chlorine residues after taking a bath. The products to be used for washing must be purchased with attention to their composition, avoiding those that contain silicones and parabens.

It is always better to pay attention to the shampoo and conditioner lines that various cosmetic brands dedicate to curly hair, which has very different needs than fine and straight hair. Curly hair, in fact, tends to dry out and show the so-called “frizz effect”: therefore the specific products only highly nourishing and moisturizing. The use of conditioner is also very important for the same reasons.

3 Cowash for anti-frizz effect

One of the most popular washing methods in recent times to combat dryness and frizz in curly hair is to wash exclusively with conditioner. That’s right: massage some conditioner, again without silicones, on wet hair.

The product must be suitable for your type of hair, therefore dry, colored, brittle, etc. Then you move on to a rinse to be conducted particularly carefully, no product should remain on the hair. The water, then, must not be too hot so as not to stress the hair, but neither should it be frozen.

4 Dry properly

But how to dry curly hair in the summer? Also in this case there are some suggestions to do it in the most suitable way for this type of hair. First of all, as soon as they have been washed, it is good to pat with a cotton towel and gently, without rubbing.

So you can take advantage of the hot climate to dry in the air, without using a hairdryer: this way you can more easily avoid the frizz so hated by those who are naturally curly. To hydrate even more, it is possible to apply linseed oil on the hair which gives it a great shine.

If you are using a device, it is better that it is a hairdryer with a diffuser rather than just the hair dryer aimed directly at the head and the lengths, and not at too high temperatures.

5 Moisturizing masks

In addition to the correct methods for washing and drying, what is good for curly hair during the summer? Without a doubt the moisturizing masks, to be carried out weekly to obtain an optimal level of hydration of the hair.

On the market there are various products, specially designed to give vitality and nourishment and avoid dryness and frizz. On the beach, then, you can apply coconut oil to your hair between one bath and the next.

6 Comb: when

But when is it better to comb curly hair so that the curls do not lose definition and volume? Absolutely wet: doing it when they are dry would be counterproductive and would only risk damaging the styling.

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