You know how you feel when you step out of the salon with a fresh new haircut? You’re suddenly the star of a 1980s Salon Selectives shampoo commercial as the breeze blows through your newly cropped and blown-out ‘do. Well, the same feeling is apparently true after getting extensions that take your hair all the way down to your butt, if Bella Hadid’s latest Instagram post is any indication.

“Leaving set after being touched by the magic hands of @hiromi_ueda & @eugenesouleiman 🖤,” the supermodel wrote for the caption of her video, calling out makeup artist Hiromi Ueda and haistylist Eugene Souleiman, who gave her major inches. Although Hadid’s hair is typically long — she was recently seen at the Cannes Film Festival with hair reaching well past her shoulders — this new update adds at least a foot to her wavy, brunette style.

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Hadid is so invigorated by her glam session that she steps out onto the sidewalk spinning and taking in the windy day in New York. She then starts walking toward — well, hey, that’s One World Trade Center, where Allure‘s offices are! Needless to say, Hadid is welcome to stop by and say hello and do as much extension-inspired spinning as she’d like. We’ll even get her some fans for extra breeziness. 

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