As for his day-to-day beauty habits, little has probably changed. “Actually, I’m really far from skin care,” he says, admitting that he doesn’t pay too much attention to his skin-care routine. “I just wash my face well and put on whatever I get from my fans or my friends.” But his one must-have beauty item? Lip balm, as his lips are prone to dryness. (We like Laneige’s Sleeping Mask and Drunk Elephant’s Lippe Balm, in case you’re looking to restock.)

The next topic of discussion, while beauty-related, is a bit more targeted. I’ve been contemplating getting my third tattoo for a long time, so body art has been on my mind and I’m naturally curious about B.I’s collection. “I just got tattoos of phrases or paintings that I found impressive in my early twenties,” he says of his four tattoos. “To be honest, I didn’t put a lot of meaning on my tattoos — it’s just part of fashion for me.” 

But, by the sound of it, his tattoos do hold some significance. “The tattoo on my wing [left deltoid] was my first tattoo when I was 20, and that is my favorite because it’s pretty cute,” he comments. “There are a lot of little stars, a few colorful balloons, and a paper airplane, and it reminds me of how pure I was at that time.” (For the record, I feel similarly about my first tattoo, which was of Tinkerbell.)

As South Korea still has a law in place that prohibits non-medical professionals from administering tattoos — and K-pop idols still have to cover up tattoos on TV shows, whether with clothing, makeup, or bandages — I was curious about the current state of affairs. Because a lot of celebrities are getting tattoos and well-known artists are flourishing in the underground scene, B.I says that the general outlook on tattoos, especially in the music industry, has definitely improved. 

B.I goes on to tell me that his tattoo journey isn’t over yet and that he wants more, but two reasons hold him back: the pain he must incur, and his mom. “If I get more, my mom’s gonna kill me,” he jokes. But, where is the lie? My mom is the same way. 

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