We all go through our fair share of phases. Whether it’s train rides home listening to the same song on repeat, pedicure after pedicure with the exact nail polish you’ve always worn before, or the same god damn avocado toast for lunch day after day. It all feels right, just as the color pink does on Lizzo. These days, our modern-day doll is sporting pink lips, pink Balenciaga handbags, and — most importantly — pink hair.

In a video clip posted to her Instagram page on June 14, Lizzo provided the first glimpse of her hot ombre-pink layered curls with some music-video-worthy choreography. The singer-songwriter then shared a slideshow of selfies in which she’s sporting what we can only guess is her latest official merchandise, followed by a smooth slow-motion close-up of her pink hair swaying side to side.

She happened to catch the perfect beam of sunlight shining on one side of her face. At the roots of her hair lays a hint of strawberry shortcake pink, which then transforms into more of a vibrant color at the ends. Her lips (right on theme with her hair) are meticulously lined with a dark mauve liner, blended into nude-pink lipstick. With Lizzo’s pointed Cupid’s bow in full force, her latest glam look feels just right. 

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