“If you know one thing about me, it’s that I like gloop.”

That’s what Seth Rogen told the world back in April when he launched one of his hand-crafted ceramics from Houseplant, the actor’s home goods line. The blue and green ashtray was covered in a design that could only be described as, well… gloop. Now, Rogen is back with yet another “gloopy” design, and he’s got a matching mani to boot.

On June 26, Rogen took to Instagram for a quick ASMR roll-up session to debut his latest drop: a new lilac and orange colorway for his brand’s sold-out ashtray. This time, the actor introduced his hand-crafted masterpiece with a matching set of square shaped acrylic tips, decorated with clumpy lilac-hued accents atop a bright orange base. The set, created by nail artist Mei Kawajiri, is perfectly color-coordinated with the limited-edition ceramic, more formally known as the Gloopy Ashtray

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With Houseplant and all of its launches, Rogen brings a funky new perspective to cannabis-adjacent accessories, and maybe we could have seen that coming. But we had no idea the Pineapple Express star would ever become our summer manicure muse — and yet, we here we are. We’re all for some new nail art inspiration, so consider this our unwavering support of Gloop Season.

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