It doesn’t take going to top dermatologists and aestheticians in the world for that glowing, dewy skin. But while it does help, it doesn’t mean you can’t fake it ’til you make it. That’s where highlighting (sometimes referred to as “strobing”) comes in: It’s where you take a powder, cream, or liquid formula to the high points of your face to help give your skin a glowing-from-within look. 

According to Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robin Black, highlighter is meant to mimic the way natural light (such as candlelight or sunlight) catches and reflects off the high points of your face. “It has the added benefit of giving a dewy, fresh look to skin and can help makeup look less makeup-y,” she says.

Keep in mind, not all illuminators do the same thing. Some impart a subtle sheen to your complexion, while others offer a more noticeable glimmer or even a holographic, chrome strobe. Either way, don’t worry about spending a celebrity’s budget for lit skin. There are so many options at every price point, no matter where you are in your pay cycle and no matter which format you prefer. Without further ado, here are 22 of the best highlighters on the market right this second.

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