Don’t get us wrong; straight, sleek hairstyles without a hair out of place are gorgeous, but there’s something so alluring about voluminous, bouncy styles that make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret model. Though curls, waves, and everything in-between styled with hot tools usually look amazing, it’s not exactly easy to create the perfect curl at home. To make it easier for you, hairstylist Joseph Maine shows how to achieve different curled and waved effects using a curling iron, wand, and waver in the newest installment of the Allure Skinfluencer video series

In this episode, broken down into three parts, he uses the Mood Interchangeable Iron, a styling tool that has wand, waver, and curling iron attachments, from his own brand, Trademark Beauty. In the first episode, he demonstrates how to use the wand attachment to create two different styles. 

He starts by wrapping his model’s hair around the wand to create a “barreled wand look.” After curling one section, he says, “you can hold the hair afterward while it cools, and that allows the hair to really take shape,” while demonstrating how to do it on his model. Once he lets the hair go, it falls into a loose ringlet. He continues to curl half his model’s hair before styling it with a brush to create perfect vintage-style waves, which you can see in the video below.

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The second look he creates with the wand is a more tousled look. He shows how simply changing the direction of your tool can produce an entirely different curl. After using the wand on the other side of her head, the model is left with loose beachy waves. “I really love to put extra spray throughout the body to get this sort of voluminous style,” he says while separating the curls with his hands and spritzing them with a good dose of hairspray. 

Similar to the first video, for the second and third videos, he shows how to use the traditional curling iron and a waver to create a total of four different hairstyles. If you want all the tips and tricks on how to curl and wave your hair, then check out all three videos, below. 

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