Did you know, you’re supposed to wash these?

I was just cutting off the dirty part.

[upbeat music]

[laughing] This is worse than I thought it would be.

Ugh, all right this is the one we’re using,

’cause it’s open now.

So we’re gonna start with a neutral base.

I’m just imitating all the girls I’ve seen on TikTok.

Will this even go on this scary dummy head?

It’s also the exact same color as the dummies head.

That’s on me.

Let’s try a shiny one. Oh, there we go.

Okay. Let me reset.

We’re starting with a nice coppery tone. [laughing]

You know, let’s go for some, let’s go even harder.

Let’s do Glitter Goals.

[light happy music]

Maybe it’s the brush?

I’m gonna try all of these.

Oh, okay.

Well I should have started with that one, maybe.

It’s smoky. It’s a smoky eye.

You know what? Let’s quit while we’re ahead, ugh.

[light happy music]

That’s smokey, right?

I really apologize that I’m who you got paired with today.

Oh, it’s a crayon.

Oh no, it’s blurring lipstick.

Okay. Oh my God, this was a huge mistake.

Oh no. Ew.

I’m gonna be honest.

I don’t feel like there’s a way to save this.

Oh, this is like a, a black lipstick situation.

I’ve always wanted to wear black lipstick,

but I think you have to have like a really cool personality.

And I recently came to terms with the fact

that mine is like, just fine.

I feel like if this were a real person

I’d be doing a better job.

I mean, this is terrifying.

[upbeat samba music]

[refined music]

That smells a little minty.

I don’t drink, so this is as close as I get

to being like a sommelier.

I’m such a loser. Wow.

I feel like I should know what that is.

I’m gonna guess mint. Some sort of mint.

[buzzer vibrating]

Christmas Eve? What?

[refined music]

President’s Day. No, I’m kidding.

A Berry one, some sort of fruit one.

[bell ringing]

Coconut mango! Oo, pretty good.

I think this is a green tea of some kind.

[buzzer vibrating]

Chocolate mint? Wow, I suck at this.

Oh, I taste the chocolate mint now.

Now I get it.

This tastes like another Christmas one.

Wood. I’m gonna guess tree.

[buzzer vibrating]

Holiday Chai. I knew it was another Christmas one.

I’m glad we did that. That was very cute.

I’m also glad I wore a corset for this now.

Thank you, Bridgerton, for making corsets cool again.

Are veggie bouquets a thing?

They are. Okay.

It’s a very educational day for me.

[upbeat music]

Hm, all right, let’s not get the wilted piece.

You know what I think the problem has been today?

All of these tasks are very feminine

and it seems that my femininity is wanting.

So this feels like now we can start with,

I don’t, Oo that one looks, there we go.

This is for someone’s wedding, right?

[upbeat music]

I don’t hate that.

How does that look?

Pretty good?

I won’t move on until everyone in the room has nodded.

Okay. Terrific.

Did you know you’re supposed to wash these?

I just found that out.

I was just cutting off the dirty part until it was nothing.

And then I would just use whatever was left

until it was done.

Oh! That doesn’t look bad, actually.

[bright music]

Oh, I’m gonna go home and do this.

I feel like I’ve seen this on TikTok.

God, I love TikTok.

[bright music]

Attach this to the head I ruined.

So that dummy has something going for it.

That looks pretty good.

Oh, thank God.

Okay. This head’s makeup’s already done.

I think you start with just like big chunks, right?

And then you can trim

someone wanna hold this so we can donate it.

No? Okay.

I mean, whoever did the color job on this hair,

pretty cool looking.

Oh, my God.

This is, I’m like sweating.

I did watch a couple of these videos before I came in here.

‘Cause I got straight A’s in high school

and I did see one where I forget who the celebrity was

but they made someone cut an actual person’s hair.

[clippers humming] I am so terrified right now.

There we go.

I mean, it’s not terrible, for a dummy.

Is there a storyline?

Okay. Let me try to remember my favorite part of the Bible.



Oh, the elephant doesn’t have a mouth.

When are you getting the surgery

to give yourself a mouth?

Five weeks?

It’s been a nightmare with COVID

because elective surgeries are on the back burner.

Hmm. But a mouth seems pretty important, doesn’t it?

Oh, calm down, I didn’t mean to strike a nerve.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

I understand. Come here.

Oh, don’t cry, Devin.

You’ll have a mouth someday.

[giggling] Is that too far?

Does your hand go through there?

Do I look artistic?

Lets start with a sun.

Okay, so that is sort of a sun or an egg yolk,

which I think, are good for you again.

Right? I’ve been eating them,

so hopefully they’re fine.

Let’s do an ocean.

Oh, that’s a very skinny wave.

It is finished.

And by that, I mean, I don’t wanna do it anymore.

[light happy music]

[paper crinkling]

Oh, it doesn’t work when there’s only one piece of paper.

[TV beeping]

[voice echoing] A woman who accidentally

dropped her cell phone,

been their girlfriend,

into the hole of an outhouse in a National Forest

and fell in while trying to retrieve it,

had to be rescued by firefighters in Washington state.

Brandon Fire Department Chief, Tim Manly said the woman

who was at the top of Mount Walker

in the Olympic National Forest, Southwest of Seattle,

had been using her phone

when it fell into the toilet, on Tuesday.

Manly said she [laughing] disassembled the toilet seat

and used dog leashes to try and get the phone

and eventually used the leashes to tie herself off

as she reached for it.

That effort failed and she fell into the toilet head first.

Reunited with her phone, she called 911.

[breathless laughing]

The woman said she was uninjured.

She was washed down and strongly encouraged

to seek medical attention,

after being exposed to human waste.

Chief Manly concluded,

I’ve been doing this for 40 years and that was a first.

[dramatic music]

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