There is always, always room around these parts to embrace your grays. Whether you choose to do it all naturally, or you have a little help, never forget that aging is a blessing: You’re still here, you’ve got the hair to prove it, and it still looks damn good to boot. And there’s something especially magical about short gray hair. We love a close-cropped cut that draws attention to the face. But when you add a cute little cropped cut to the mix, it takes things to a whole ‘nother level. “The shorter hair combination with gray color keeps the hair playful and fun,” says Cherin Choi, a Beverly Hills-based hair colorist and stylist. 

These days, gray dye jobs like herringbone highlights and gray ombré have been trending more among a variety of age groups. From Amandla Stenberg to Jane Fonda, gray hair proves to be a versatile color to try different hairstyles with. Mark DeBolt, a New York City-based colorist and co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon, reminds us that going gray is a beautiful thing. “It can communicate this feeling of experience, confidence, and natural beauty,” that is, whether or not it’s natural.

“For some, letting their gray hair grow out can allow their hair to become healthier depending on what type of coloring was done prior,” says Guy Tang, a Los Angeles-based colorist, and creator of #Mydentity. “Instead of focusing on coloring their hair, they can embrace their natural color and focus on the health of it to ensure it remains strong and shiny.” More perks: saving time, energy, and money with fewer visits to the salon for touch-ups.

That said, do what makes you feel most comfortable. Whether you choose to rock gray strands, white-streaked hair, or dye it all over, we’ve got you covered with inspo for cool hairstyles for short, gray hair. 

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