We know, there are so many beauty brands these days and it’s hard to try them all. Let’s face it, with everyone and their mother creating a beauty brand, deciding what to actually buy can get overwhelming. Here at Allure, we love to rave about brands that impress us time and time again — and Tarte is one of them. After launching 22 years ago, the brand has made an impact in the beauty world with its outstanding cruelty-free (and oftentimes vegan)formulas at mid-range price points. 

Now, the brand has grown to offer over 100 products in all different families and ranges. You have the Sugar Rush line, which features the filter-like Skin Treat Poreless Tinted Moisturizer and, of course, the Shape Tape collection, which is home to the iconic Shape Tape Concealer — a repeat Readers’ Choice Award-winning product. Not to mention, you can even shop on Tarte’s website by what’s trending on TikTok (talk about keeping up with the times).

So, that begs the question: what are the best Tarte products? To be honest, the list is a long one, but our editors decided to cut it down to nine. Keep scrolling for our favorite Tarte products to shop right now and always.

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