Sometimes, you just have one of those days. A day you feel your daily skin-care regimen is truly doing its thing. Just enough to say: Makeup-free is the name of the day’s game. Ariana Grande just had one – actually, two — of those days. On Monday, July 25, and then again on Wednesday, July 27 the singer went bare-skinned for Instagram while revealing r.e.m. beauty‘s latest launch.

Grande’s Monday began with a cup of her chosen morning brew. In the Instagram story she shared that day, her hair was pinned back as she smiled with her makeup-free face and with a cheek dimple on full display. 

In a later video clip, Grande shared what her brand’s new 60-shade-range Sweetener Concealer — – the formula of which she says, “a little goes a long way” — has in store. She gently dabs it onto her bare undereye area on only one side of her face first. Her brows looked polished, her lashes later seem curled, and her lips appeared to be fully nourished


I’ve always noticed Grande’s makeup usually comes soft-toned and straight to the point — with a little kick of eye shadow and eyeliner magic as well. The singer, who continues to perform and is the face of her own cosmetic brand as well, is more often than not seen in full (and minimal) makeup glam. In her cover interview for Allure’s October 2021 issue, she even talked about how she rarely leaves the house sans makeup. 

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