Love & Marriage – Huntsville Star Destiny Payton is rejoicing in her new opportunities after such a tumultuous year. She was recently divorced and there were several rumors circling the blogs that accused her beauty store of closing down. To which she responded, “But just know that I am here. And I’m waiting to see y’all.” Her store was in fact very open and she was accepting applications at the time. 

Payton encourages the people not to count her out because her blessings and new beginnings are just getting started. Not only does she have Madonni Beauty Brand, she is also a very talented singer and entertainer. She excitedly announced that she will be opening for the R&B artist, Monica, and she could not be more grateful. She tells her followers, “dreaming and manifesting is real y’all. Thank you for allowing my dreams to come to fruition.” She opens for Monica Jul 31, 2022 at the Together Plaza in Ballpark Village St. Louis. We cannot wait to hear here what’s next for Payton and we are cheering her on as she continues to entertain us on LAMH and the stage.

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