Okay so now that Spring has fully sprung, we can’t stop obsessing over all the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere! From fresh blooms on our desk, floral fashion, floral stationery, we’ve got literally floral everything. That’s why when Alex Gaboury showed us this floral inspired hairstyle, we couldn’t contain our excitement! In today’s hair tutorial video, Alex takes us step-by-step through how to achieve one stunning hairstyle styled three different ways using flower accessories.

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This hairstyle is so soft and elegant, it’s perfect for any spring or summer occasion including showers, prom, and weddings. We also can’t help but think this ‘do is a great idea for music festival season (click here for our other music festival hairstyle ideas)!

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This hairstyle can be done on almost any length of hair but Alex uses her Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to add an extra gorgeous touch of length and thickness. Before you read on, we recommend checking out our quick guide to choosing the right thickness of hair extensions here.

Now let’s get started, flower power friends:

What You Need:

  • 2 hair elastics
  • 2 large hair clips
  • 8 wefts of Luxy hair extensions

How to Get The Look:

  1. Create a thicker appearance by clipping in your Luxy Hair extensions. Clip them in starting at the bottom and back of your hair from the middle, then move outwards. In total you should clip in 4 wide pieces of hair extensions at the lower back of your head. If you’re not sure the best way to clip in your hair extensions, click here for our quick and easy guide to putting them in.
  2. Alex uses the technique of clipping her hair extensions on top of already clipped-in hair extensions so that they won’t show when your hair is up.
  3. This hair style incorporates 4 twists. For the first one, start with all the hair in front of your left ear and clip a single weft behind this section. Using a large clip, clip the two sections together and out of the way.
  4. Do the exact same thing on the other side of your head by grabbing the hair in front of your right ear and clipping a single weft behind it.
  5. Taking the section of hair in front of your right ear and the newly clipped-in hair extension section, start twisting them towards the back of your head by crossing one section over the other. Continue loosely twisting until you reach the end of these hair sections.
  6. To create a more ‘undone’ look, loosen the twist by tugging on it gently outwards. This gives the hairstyle more textured detail and really makes the twists pop!
  7. Clip the twist across to the back of your head for now and start the same process with the left side of your head.
  8. Taking the clipped away sections of hair in front of your left ear and the hair extension section, loosely twist these two sections around each other towards the back of your head. Again, once you reach the end of these two sections, gently loosen them up by pulling pieces outwards.
  9. Unclip the right twist and secure the two twists together with a hair elastic.
  10. Create a topsy-tail by flipping the pony tail up and in between the two sections for some added detail. Pull the ponytail tight.
  11. Repeat the entire process once more by starting on the left side of your head and taking an inch-wide section of hair from behind your ear below the twist you just created. Add another single weft behind this section. Clip these two sections out of the way.
  12. Once again, move to the right side of your head and grab a one inch section from behind your ear below the existing twist. Clip a single weft behind this section and start twisting these two sections around each other by crossing one over another towards the back of your head.
  13. Loosen the twist and clip it out of the way at the back of your head.
  14. Create the last twist on the left side of your head using the sections you clipped off to the side. Loosen the left side twist and secure the two newly created twists together with the second elastic
  15. Create another topsy tail with this newly created ponytail by flipping it up and down through the two sections. Gently pull the ponytail so it’s tight.

Three Different Floral Looks

Now that we’ve done the hairstyle, it’s time for the fun part and style this twisted half-up half-down look with some gorgeous floral accessories!





Flower Crown

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We recommend using fake flowers for a long lasting and reusable hair accessory. If you are using real flowers, spritz them lightly with hairspray to extend their life length. If you know you’ll be moving a lot or dancing for your special occasion, secure the flower crown to your head with bobby pins. And voila, super easy!

Flower Pins

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You can easily buy super pretty flower pins or you can DIY this summer accessory by simply hot glue gunning fake flowers to the top side of a bobby pin. For other DIY hairstyle ideas click here. Pin the flower pins into the twists at the back of your head for a subtle but gorgeous floral look. We love how elegant small white flowers look with this hairstyle but experimenting with pops of colour and greenery would be super pretty too!

One Sided Flower Element

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If you buy a fake flower bouquet, you can cut one line or stream of flowers and pin this into one of the twisted sides of your hair. Secure this flower element using bobby pins and that’s it! We love how this look is so understated yet incredibly beautiful.

And there you have it! Three ways to style this gorgeous twisted look using flowers for the perfect spring and summer look. Watch Alex teach you how to achieve this look and see this hairstyle in action in the video below:

Looking for more hairstyle ideas similar to this pretty style? Check out our ideas here and here! What was your favourite floral look? Let us know in the comments below!

Written By: Istiana Bestari

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