Lizzo has fully embraced Independence day celebrations with all the glitter one could ever ask for. In one of the singer’s latest posts first came a slow-motion twerk session debuting her royal blue Yitty biker shorts. Then came the fireworks, aka the silver glitter smeared on her chest, arms, and butt — it was a glitter frenzy, to say the least.

On June 30, she debut the newest drop from her shapewear collection with a glistening bosom and wispy short hair. The slow-motion set of Instagram clips featured handfuls of silver glitter hitting her chest and butt as she swayed from side to side for the camera. The slow-motion replays simply shout “firework.” The singer took body highlights to a whole new level with her (literally) sparkling skin. 

As for her hair, Lizzo’s go-to hairstylist, Shelby Swain, kept it simple. Her mid-part, shoulder-length style featured a lock of hair clipped down on each side with bedazzled butterfly clips. Her stiletto-length, French-tipped nails came in a sparkly, light-pink hue. She embraced the sun and its reflective rays as they bounced off all the glitter on her skin, in her hair, and on her nails.

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