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Losing a lot of hair? Try 14 of our go-to tips and tricks for dealing with hair shedding, hair thinning, and hair loss! Comment below if you’ve experienced this 👇

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34 thoughts on “How to Stop Shedding, Thinning & Hair Loss

  1. Let me tell you guys how I reduce hair falling from one day. I applied olive oil before going to sleep(yesterday). Today morning I mixed honey with water and sprayed it to my hair. And while it's on my hair ,i squeezed a lime and mixed it with onion juice (took one onion and chopped it until I got the juice) applied on hair as well . After that I took an egg and applied it all over my scalp . After more like 15 minutes I watched my hair with cold water and then normal water. Used regular my shampoo and conditioner . Guess what! I can see my is not falling like before . If someone needs to stop hair falling faster try this out . It really worked for me

  2. Another little-known culprit of hair loss and thinning is the Mirena IUD. Research this device carefully if you are considering it. If you have it and are experiencing hair loss and thinning, consider having it removed ASAP.

  3. Since I got covid 19 I started losing my hair and it was going bald within 3 months of getting the covid….. any suggestions as there are thousands losing hair due to covid

  4. Im 35 years old but for years I’ve been silently struggling with hair loss. It’s terrifying and depressing. There are days when I don’t even want to get out of bed because I don’t want to have to look in the mirror. There are days when I don’t leave the house because I don’t want to have to brush my hair. I have had panic attacks in the shower when I wash my hair and I see so many strands just washing out in my hands.
    I’ve had my thyroid checked. I’ve tried vitamins, apple cider vinegar, onion juice, used every birthday wish, and even begged to God. I’ve had in iron levels checked. I started eating more red meat.
    There are hair treatments out there to grow back hair but they are so expensive. Laser therapy, plasma injections, hair transplants, and even just buying supplements can get expensive. I need help. I realize that stress is also not good for growing hair but I’m getting desperate.
    I only wear my hair up now. My friends and people at work always say, “I’ve never seen you with your hair down. You should wear your hair down.” If only I could. They don’t know that I do want to wear my hair down so bad but I can’t. It’s embarrassing. I don’t feel pretty and I don’t feel feminine anymore.
    I don’t have any social media and this is a very sensitive and embarrassing topic for me to talk to people about. Please help me by sharing my fundraiser with your friends and family or on Facebook. Thank you.

  5. My hair used to be so long and thick that whoever saw it would always comment on how pretty it is they even used to call me rapunzel
    But after I turned 15 and cut it shoulder length it just started to get thinner and thinner and I lost most of my hair. Idk if it was because of the heat I use on my hair or because I cut it short or because of puberty. But I got pretty sad after I lost so much hair. 😕
    But when I got a blood test there didn't seem to be a problem so I'm pretty confused as to what the problem might be.

  6. I'm always afraid to massage my scalp because I'm afraid that the movement is actually going to detach more hair from the scalp. Can that happen or is that an unreasonable fear to have? I'm no hair/scalp expert so maybe I'm just worrying for nothing. Also, on the towel-drying thing… should I not be touching my scalp at all with the towel? I use a towel to pat my scalp after washing it to dry it. Is that maybe not the best thing to do? I have alopecia so I don't want to do anything to make it worse.

  7. i'm 14.. i've experienced hair loss since before but it wasn't that many.. but now, whenever i just sit down, there's already many hair hanging.. i'm literally crying..😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Hair fall can be minimised by taking good care of ur health,by taking proper nutrition,excercise and staying away from stress…These are the primary reasons
    However if u want to cure hairfall fast,try using igrow laser helmet…It works,prevents hair fall,and regrows hair…It has worked very effectively on me

  9. im freaking 14 i used to have such thick hair but its so thin and my hair part is so obvious and theres hair all around my room and in my shower and on my clothes its been like this for like 2 years

  10. Muze hair loss ka problem bad gaya tha, jitni bar bhi kangi krti thi to bohot sare bal kangi me aate the, uske dar se mai kangi nhi krti thi kbhi kbhi to bal bohot hi kharab hogaye the,bohot sare oils bhi use kiye koi fayda nhi mila, fir YouTube me hi charvi hair solution or k bare me bohot logo ke comment dekhe fir maine bhi amazone se mngvake use ki, to isse mere hair loss 15 din me hi km hogaye, jo ki kisi oils se nhi huaa, or ab kafi month hochuke muze naye bal bhi agaye Or bal smooth bhi hogaye isse☺88%

  11. great information shared …. i also want to share one great remedy with you all guys ….. a hair care pack by planet ayurveda….it will cure your problem definitely within few time ……as i was having a same problem but get results with this remedy in just 4-5 time of use…..must try this pack

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