Hold on to the sun all year round with highlighted hair extensions that celebrate the sun-kissed strands of summer. While some may prefer going darker for the fall or revamping their color with wintery lowlights, if you just can’t let go of those warmer, lighter tones, this highlighted hair extensions collection is for you. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Luxy Hair Highlights Collection below, including how to find your perfect match.

Blonde highlights

What are highlighted hair extensions?

The Luxy Hair Highlights Collection features 5 highlighted hair extensions shades with thin highlights from the roots to the tips. This collection is designed to blend into hair that has already been highlighted, eliminating the need to get your hair extensions custom-dyed. 


What colors does the Highlights Collection come in?

Our Highlights Collection comes in 5 exclusive shades. 

Highlights hair extensions

Dark Brown Highlights: Dark Brown base with Chestnut Brown highlights

These highlighted hair extensions have a Dark Brown base with Chestnut Brown highlights. Similar to dark brown hair extensions with caramel highlights, this shade is ideal for you if your natural hair color matches Dark Brown. 

Brown hair with highlights

Chestnut Brown Highlights: Chestnut Brown base with Dirty Blonde highlights

If you’re looking for brown with blonde highlights hair extensions, this shade is for you. A Chestnut Brown base with Dirty Blonde highlights makes this shade come alive.

Light brown hair with highlights

Dirty Blonde Highlights: Dirty Blonde base with Ash Blonde highlights

The same combination of shades as Blonde Balayage clip in hair extensions, this shade mixes Ash Blonde highlights with a Dirty Blonde base for sunny results. 

Blonde highlights

Mocha Brown Highlights: Mocha Brown base with Dirty Blonde highlights

This shade blends Dirty Blonde highlights with a Mocha Brown base, ideal if you have warm, very dark brown hair with golden medium blonde highlights.

Ash Brown Highlights: Ash Brown base with Sandy Blonde highlights

This one’s for all the cool cucumbers out there! This highlights shade blends Sandy Blonde highlights with an Ash Brown base. It is ideal for you if you have cool-toned light brown hair with beige/cool-toned light blonde highlights


How to match your hair to the right shade

Check out the infographic below to choose your perfect match. We recommend matching your natural hair to the base color of the extensions.

Highlights hair extensions


What length does the Highlights Collection come in?

Luxy Hair Highlights extensions are available in 16″ and 20″.

What weight does the Highlights Collection come in?

Luxy Hair Highlights extensions are available in 140g (Classic, Seamless, and Halo), 160g (Classic), 180g (Seamless and Halo), 220g, and Volume bundles (Classic, Seamless, and Halo).

How to wear extensions with highlighted hair

If you already have highlighted hair, this collection is for you, as the hair extensions have been specifically dyed to blend with three shades of highlighted hair. If your hair color is a solid shade, you can also wear Highlights, however, the color dimension will be very subtle. Instead, you may find our Balayage hair extensions more suitable if you are looking to add a pop of color to your hair.

Highlights hair extensions

What are highlighted hair extensions made of?

Our Highlights Collection is made with the same, high quality 100% Remy human hair as the rest of our hair extensions. 

What is the difference between Balayage and Highlights? 

While both are considered highlighting techniques, traditional highlights are thin, lighter streaks of hair from root to tip. Although your mind may travel to the early 2000s when you hear the world “highlights,” recalling those thick streaks of blonde hair many celebrities and women used rock, modern highlights are thin and delicate. When done correctly, these lighter streaks of hair add dimension and depth to you natural hair, subtly complementing your existing hair color.

Highlights hair extensions

Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique, which requires less maintenance than traditional highlights. This technique starts at about mid-shaft, seamlessly gradating the hair from dark to light at the bottom. While highlights are more consistent, balayage is less deliberate, giving the hair a sunkissed look. 

Fun fact: did you know lemon is a natural hair lightener? It’s true! Skip the bleach and squeeze fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle with add a few drops of your favourite hair oil. Since lemon as a hair lightener is activated with heat, so be sure to spray your hair with the mixture before a walk in the sun or your next poolside session. The heat from the sun will open up the hair cuticle allowing the lemon juice to lift the color!

Highlights hair extensions

Care instructions

How long do highlights hair extensions last?

Just like the rest of our hair extensions, highlighted hair extensions will last anywhere from 3-6 months, up to a year or longer, depending on how they are used and cared for. Be sure to brush the extensions with a Loop Extensions Brush to avoid snagging the clips. It’s also important to wash the extensions are little as possible, and to use hair products appropriate for hair extensions. 

Hair extensions care

What are the best products for highlighted hair extensions?

Be sure to use only alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair products on your highlighted set or hair products specially formulated for hair extensions to prevent the hair from drying out. 

Will the highlights fade over time?

No. Just like Balayage, the hair color will not fade over time as long as the hair extensions are cared for properly.

Highlights hair extensions

Hair extensions for highlights


Don’t have highlighted hair but want to get in on the fun? No problem. We have a secret for you: hair extensions! There are multiple ways to achieve highlights or lowlights with hair extensions, even if you don’t already have highlighted hair. By strategically using hair extensions, you’re open to experimentation without having to worry about commitment or damage. Luxy Hair has different options to add highlights to your hair, whether it be layering sets or opting for an ombre or balayage set, so follow along as we breakdown all the methods of adding hair extensions to achieve highlights, no dyeing required.

Hair extensions for highlights

  • Layer different sets of extensions

  • One way to get the look of natural highlights throughout your hair is to layer different colored sets of hair extensions. All the sets of Luxy extensions are multi-tonal meaning they easily and seamlessly blend with a wide variety of different hair colors and tones. A great mix if you’re looking for a warm highlighted look is to blend Chestnut Brown and Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions, as shown below. The colors melt together beautifully to create a honey-toned and sun-kissed highlighted look.

  • A second option to getting highlights by using Luxy hair extensions is to opt for a balayage set, which has painted highlights blended into the sets. These are an easy, fuss-free one-step solution to adding highlights without the worry of blending the sets yourself. Luxy Hair has balayage options for a variety of hair colors including Chocolate Brown, Off Black, Chestnut Brown and Blonde.


    Hair extensions for highlights

  • Try an ombre set. 

  • If you’re after a true faded blend of color, then trying an ombre set of extensions will give you this look. The Luxy Hair ombre sets melt from a dark shade at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom, which works beautifully to give the hair the effect of being naturally sunkissed at the ends.


    Hair extensions for highlights

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