Tessa Thompson first gave a glimpse on June 13 of what’s to come of her role as Marvel’s King Valkyrie in the anticipated film Thor: Love and Thunder with a five-second clip of the film that features her licking the entire surface of Valkyrie’s choice of weapon: a sword. The actor then honored her portrayal of the comic book superhero with diamond-encrusted miniature swords clipped onto her sleek, low-hold ponytail — a hairstyle created specifically for the premiere of the film on June 23. 

Although the red carpet premiere felt to be some galaxies ago, Thompson officially gave the first look at these glittering hair clips on July 5. She shared a set of four photos on her Instagram page captioned with the words “Woman as sword.” Behold a close-up look of the bold and daring hair accessory chosen to honor Thompson’s portrayal of the fictional character. Four sharp, aligned evenly swords were clipped onto the base of her slicked-back ponytail. The wet-looking hair falling out of it was styled in old-Hollywood-inspired finger waves. The ends of her hair were tied together with two smaller, dangling swords. 

Hairstylist Lacy Redway commented on the carousel of photos “Love to create with ya.” She not only created this ponytail for the film’s world premiere but is also the one who designed the superhero’s signature braids that will be seen throughout the movie. Redway mentions in an Instagram post that the sword-shaped accessories were a handcrafted collaboration between herself and designer Jeniece Blanchet

Photography by Dalvin Adams

Photography by Dalvin Adams

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to hit the big screen on July 8. Leading up to the film’s theater debut, Thompson has been serving all the real-life superhero looks that comic book lovers (and beauty lovers) around the world can now use as inspiration to channel King Valkyrie. 

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