How do you make one of the most followed figures on Instagram stand out on a magazine cover when her face is practically plastered everywhere already? You dress her — Kim Kardashian, in this case — in a nude bodysuit and wrap a 15-foot platinum-blonde braid around her body.

Mysterious actually might not be the best word to describe the reality TV show star, who has broadcast her life straight to our living rooms since 2007 and influenced more than a handful of beauty trends. To put it simply: You definitely recognize her face. That famous visage graces the cover of the August Allure issue with very long, very blonde hair styled by hairstylist Chris Appleton and a smoky eye blended to perfection by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

Hair-Raisers Clockwise from left: Hairstylist Chris Appleton, set assistant Mark Smith, and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic take our cover shoot to new heights. On Kim Kardashian: Schiaparelli Haute Couture dress encircled with gilded brass hoops for a trompe l’oeil-cage effect. Schiaparelli shoes.

As Kardashian’s go-to glam squad, working together is something Appleton and Dedivanovic could probably do in their sleep. They were tasked with creating looks that were extreme, even for their usual client, which required a little more teamwork than usual. “It’s actually quite difficult because there’s usually one prominent beauty look, and the other dials down,” Appleton says in a behind-the-scenes video, meaning that hair or makeup usually takes center stage — not both. “We’re actually both elevating the looks so we really had to work together to make sure they worked seamlessly.” 

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