I’ll have to admit — my big chop to team short hair was absolutely inspired by Kourtney Kardashian. No, literally, I brought the exact photo that debuted her short hair transformation to the salon myself. But what I didn’t know at the time was that her new look would later inspire the beginning of her goth girl aesthetic with drummer Travis Barker by her side. 

On July 21, the saga continued. The Poosh founder may have turned into a vampire with red eyes and spidery lashes that reach all the way up to her new blunt fringe. It’s a day on set for this Kardashian sister, and by the looks of her Instagram story, her clip-in bangs came with a thin and long ponytail extension as well. Her shimmering gray eye shadow blended well with her extraterrestrial lashes. As for her lips, Kardashian went with a juicy, cherry-red lip color to match the eerie red contacts she wore.


Her latest vampire look is serving all the Halloween beauty inspiration. In the blink of an eye, leaves will hit the ground and candy toothaches will come around. But for Kourtney, every manicure and red carpet moment, regardless of the season, seem to have an edgy element of hue. Black-tip french manicures and romanesque wedding vales are only two of the many looks this vampiress will continue to share. 

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