Megan Fox is a true chameleon when it comes to hair trends. The actor has worn everything from Tinkerbell bangs and waist-length waves to her latest bright-pink hair — but her latest hairstyle is sure to divide fans, particularly those belonging to different generations.

Let’s rewind real quick: remember back in 2021 when Gen-Z canceled side parts? Apparently, the only way to wear your hair in 2022 is with a middle part. Anything remotely side-swept? Sorry, it means you’re old, pal. For we millennials who grew up during the MySpace era, wearing your hair deeeeeply swept to the side — while writing “rawr” on our canvas shoes and wearing fingerless gloves year-round — was very much the thing. Thanks to endless cans of Elnett hairspray and the cheapest hair gel we could get our hands on at the drugstore, our hair basically defied gravity. It was quite impressive, actually. 

Cut to the present day, and it’s good news for us oldies, as Megan Fox has officially un-canceled side parts. Anyone born after the mid-90s, look away now.

On July 27, makeup artist Ash Kholm posted a behind-the-scenes clip, which is actually a throwback to a shoot Fox did a few weeks back with her go-to hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos. Her hair is shorter than usual with bouncy curls and, of course, that noticeably side-swept parting.

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“All hands on deck for finishing touches,” Ash shared on TikTok, while at the time, Dimitris posted: “Short-ER and bouncy for stunning #MEGANFOX.”

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